How Can The Audience Response Assist You In The Engaging Of Your Audience?

Can you recall a seminar where the speaker kept on delivering his lectures in the seminar and that was uninterrupted by a single question? Was it interesting and engaging for you or you lose your interest at the end? What was the level of your investment which the speaker gave with the audience response for contributing in the discussions.

The system of audience response is the tool that comprises of software and hardware. This enables the speakers to collect and analyze responses for the questions after interacting with the audience.

You can witness and experience the benefits immediately. The speaker immediately knows the response of the audience through a question only. They listener wants to know about that whether listeners have understood or struggling to comprehend so finally he could alter the lectures. Technology has moved us ahead  where the speaker is not bound to collect surveys after the conference. The system of audience response provides the trainers with the responses instantly providing view of the attendees straightly.

But wait you need to consider the audience’s perspective too. The learners who are passive turn into active learners when they are provided immediate feedbacks. Moreover, the audience response takes out the fear of replying answers to the questions because of the opportunity of immediate feedbacks.

The communication tolls are very interactive and appear in various forms. There are apps like PollEverwhere and Slido which are integrated in the power point or any other softwares of presentation. The questions can be easily answered from the mobiles and can be exported for reading in easy formats.

System of audio response such as CLikAPAD utilises smaller handheld keypads and clicker technology by letting the audience to the questions by just pressing the button.

Irrespective of the kind of systems of audience response are chosen, every system is integrated into the presentation software such as powerpoint. The results are collected immediately for the speakers for analysing the results.

Therefore, the audience response systems are very easy to use and the participants are fearless to use it and express their views. They don’t need to show their identities and yet can express their views without any fear and hesitation. The speaker, on the other hand, can easily analyse the responses of the attendees. He can gather the experiences and responses of the attendees to know about how is his lecture is going on.