Are Warm Waters Worth It Or Not?

If you have ever swum in a pool with heaters, you might definitely understand the longing some homeowners have for heating systems. After all, soaking in warm waters is one of the best feelings in the world, even during a relatively warm day. That being said, is it really worth it to invest in a heating system nowadays? You are probably aware of the high energy costs involved, and with the high prices for electricity and other energy sources, being reluctant to invest in a heating system is only to be expected. However, the answer is yes – a good heating system for your pool is totally worth the investment, especially if you like to use your pool frequently, and want to perhaps use it off-season as well. If you wish to install a heating system as well, read the following facts on them first: 

  • What are the priorities? – when it comes to better pool heating, the main concern is to be as efficient as possible. This does not only mean buying good quality heating systems; it also means to cut down heat losses wherever possible and to use the least amount of fuel or energy for the effort. A heating system that fulfils these requirements is most likely going to be a net saving than a loss – especially if you consider the money you would otherwise spend to travel to and use a heated pool elsewhere in your locality.
    • The temperature – swimming pool pumps Perth for heating systems are easily capable of warming up your water to several degrees higher, but keep in mind that the higher the difference, the more energy you will consume for the effort. As such, is there any ideal temperature range in which you should maintain your pool temperatures? The answer is yes and no – most experts recommend temperatures anywhere in between twenty-five to twenty-eight degree Celsius, but you are the final judge for this choice. Keep in mind that young children and older individuals, for example, will do better in warmer waters; likewise, activities such as therapy also benefit from warmer temperatures.
      • Does the heating system have to work throughout the day? – this is a common enough question most homeowners have, and the answer for it is somewhat of a ‘no’. That is, it is not necessary to have your heating systems at noon in the middle of summer, but there is no reason stopping you from turning on your heaters either. Generally, warmer weather conditions will also increase the water temperature in your pool, and your body will prefer cooler waters. However, is it true that heating won’t be uniform this way – you might have already noticed that some parts of the pool tend to be colder than others. In this case, operating a heater can easily solve the issue.